We carry a wide variety of hand-thrown and hand-painted pottery that we import from Mexico, Turkey, China and Morocco.  All of our pots that we import are oven fired and made to last the seasonal rotations throughout the year.

Our pottery is both colorful and functional according to how you choose to display and plant these terracotta vessels.  Nearly all of the pots come pre-drilled at the bottoms for water drainage, and whatever pots might not have holes can be easily drilled on site by our staff should you choose to fill the pots with living vegetation.  Dried arrangements are attractive, fragrant, maintenance-free and work well indoors in the kitchen or powder room, but nothing is as attractive as fresh blooms to decorate and add color to a deck or patio area.  We encourage you, when planting flowers, herbs or greenery, to fill the bottoms of our pots with styrofoam packing "peanuts" before adding soil, in order to keep the drain holes from becoming clogged with settled, wet soil.  A freeze will only affect the integrity of planted pots if the vessels has standing water in the bottoms due to improper drainage.  Otherwise, our pots will stand the elements and can be enjoyed throughout the years.









A traditional type of Mexican pottery that we frequently stock is Talavera potteryThese hand-painted and glazed pots are beautiful and very vibrant in color and appearance.  They are just as resilient as non-glazed pottery, and come in various sizes according to your space and vegetation of your choosing.  Smaller pots can be planted around the house, used to accessorize a living space, and while the groupings are attractive by themselves, they can also be planted with smaller arrangements or used a pillar candle holders.  With a creative mindset and some attention to detail, our pottery possibilities are virtually endless.







Our pottery comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny shelf or table top pots to larger, urn-shaped vessels that can add height and volume to an unused corner or a deck or garden area.  Groupings of differently sized pots make a nice arrangement and can be planted with a combination of dried or living plants.







We have an assortment of animal pottery that is unique and fun for a more relaxed setting, and we carry anything from pigs and frogs to swans and fish.  Some customers that are a bit more crafty and motivated purchase hydrated pumps from local vendors and transform our pottery into working fountains to go indoors or out. 






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