A large portion of our wrought iron inventory is dedicated to the home patio and garden, and we invite you to explore the numerous accents in our furniture store that we import devoted to plantings and to an outdoor environment.  Planters, arbors, arches, trellises and garden accessories are among some of the options that can add an elegant touch to your home, as well as being able to withstand seasonal weather over the years.  All of our items are sealed with a durable polyurethane mixture that is not harmful to annual or perennial varieties of vegetation, and the solid, all-welded construction of our pieces maintains its strength and integrity throughout the course of a seasonal rotation of flowers and plants.

We have chosen to picture merely a glimpse of what garden accessories we normally stock in our inventory.  Among the hundreds of varieties of basket planters, wall baskets and window boxes, plant stands, trough and box planters, arbors, topiaries and trellises that we carry, we also feature custom-built planting options that you can design, specific to your tastes and surroundings, crafted by different local and regional fabricators.  We encourage you to visit our inventory of gardening options, since it would be impossible (and rather exhaustive) to picture each and every outdoor piece that we carry.

Many of our garden accessories may be used indoors as well as out, and we leave it to you to choose how to enrich your home, patio or garden surroundings with our hand-crafted items.  Plant stands and basket planters can be lined with either natural moss, Spanish moss or sheets of mat grass found at local nurseries, and then filled with potting soil and the vegetation of your choosing.  Our larger basket planters often have lower shelves for potted plants or other garden accessories.  Dried arrangements are, of coarse, a possibility and perhaps more convenient for indoor applications, although living, flowering plants add color and fragrance to a sunroom, kitchen or powder room.  Fresh herbs are commonly kept on hand in the kitchen or nearby outdoor window box.



Our taller stands are of a safe and sturdy construction and can stand up to wind and harsher elements, while retaining their attractive wrought iron appearance.  These pictured incorporate more of a traditional design, while other stands that we carry lean more towards the contemporary appeal.






Wall baskets
are an attractive way to enrich indoor or outdoor living space and may be attached safely with the proper brick, masonry, or sheet-rock fasteners.  We have numerous designs, differing in shape, size and application, that come in either a naturally oxidized and sealed finish or a unique distressed look.  Many baskets work well in bathrooms for hand towel storage, as well.






Our functional garden climbers, whether topiaries, trellises or arbors can be planted and eventually covered in perennial color and fragrance.  A smaller topiary works well with your favorite strain of rosemary or cherry tomato plant, while our larger arbors and trellises can carry a climbing Jasmine or rose bush eight or nine feet from the ground- a perfect focal point for a front walkway or porch.





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