We carefully select and import a vast line of indoor and outdoor wrought iron furniture to add a unique and elegant touch to your home, sunroom, pool area or patio.  All of our pieces are of a solid, all-welded construction, and all items are naturally oxidized and sealed in a durable polyurethane finish that can be painted should you choose to do so.  Again, we stress that only a handful of what we normally stock is actually pictured here; please visit our location to see our full inventory of furniture pieces. 






Bakers Racks are an attractive and very functional way to store a variety of items in and around the house.  Each rack has shelves that consist of sturdy wire bracing that drain easily when furnished with pots and plants on a deck or patio.  Racks can be fitted with additional glass or stone shelves when used to hold cookbooks or culinary tools in the kitchen, or bath items and hand towels in a powder room or bathroom.  We carry twenty to thirty bakers racks in our normally stocked inventory- some are as narrow as twelve inches for smaller spaces, while others reach up to five or six feet in length for larger, outdoor applications.  We also have a number of corner racks that tuck neatly into an angled space to fill an unused corner while remaining out of the way. 






Wine Storage is a must for nearly every home, and we carry many useful ideas ranging from table or counter top units that hold seven to ten bottles, to free standing, decorative wine cages that safely store over a hundred bottles for the serious collector.  Many of our bakers racks that have wine storage capabilities often have bracing from which to safely hang wine glasses or other stemmed glasses; these work perfectly in a smaller living space to serve as an attractive bar area for entertaining. 





Coffee Tables that are fabricated out of wrought iron and topped with either glass, poured concrete or stone add a unique element to an indoor or outdoor sitting area.  We carry many different designs, whether round, rectangular or square that range from a traditional appeal to a sleeker, more contemporary look, and we custom fabricate many coffee tables, as well.  All of our coffee table bases are priced and sold separately from the table tops, but we stock a variety of tops that you can choose from.  Some customers prefer to handle or even make their own table tops, and we encourage you be creative when exploring options for table tops!




Frontera Iron has those just right chandeliers also that provide "something different" to give your home that just right touch of individuality. 

Consider these fantastic pieces for your mountain cabin or beach home also.








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