We very often contract the talents of local and regional blacksmiths and artisans to bring you our line of  hand Frontera-Forged wrought iron furniture to our store.








The sky is the limit when you dream of what design or idea might fit more appropriately into your living space than what we normally stock, and we can quote prices within a few days of receiving specs on your design.  Please keep in mind that Frontera-Forged items are more expensive than what we can import from abroad, due to the expense of local materials and labor, but we still believe that our custom work is still extraordinarily reasonable compared to many other local vendors in the metro area. 








We can fabricate traditional wrought iron designs as well as more contemporary furniture, and we leave it to you to decide what would work best in your particular situation.  Our staff can provide scale drawings of your ideas, and we will communicate your wishes with who we contract the work to, keep you abreast of the progress of the job, and discuss the finishing or painting of the fabricated pieces.









If you have an idea of what you would like, but can not get it down on paper, we will sit and help sketch a design and offer suggestions on how to keep the prices within your budget.  Please allow four to six weeks for completion, but you will be pleased with the professionalism of how we can bring your idea to life.












Frontera Forged - Custom Ring Console

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