We stock over thirty types of wrought iron  tables and chairs from Mexico: dining, kitchen, patio, bar, and  custom build numerous Frontera-Forged designs according to specs assigned by customers, and all can be topped with an assortment of table top materials.  Dining tables are where we tend to spend the majority of our time as a family or as individuals in a home or work environment, and all of our dining tables are fabricated out of solid steel barstock and welded in a safe and sturdy construction to last a lifetime and even for generations.  Our larger, rectangular dining tables can seat anywhere from four to six, even up to ten people in one sitting, and depending on the type of table top chosen for the area, the table can be as formal or as informal as needed in your design scheme.  We import tile mosaic tops from Morocco that lie on a concrete substrate and that are reinforced with a web of steel rebar throughout the material.  These work indoors and, with the proper maintenance and sealers found commonly at household or hardware supply stores, can withstand the elements outside by the pool or on the deck.  A steel band wraps the entire circumference of our tile mosaic tops to shoulder the bumps from the backs of chairs.




Smaller bistro tables are not only strong enough to carry the weight of an overlapping top to seat more people, they also double as bedside tables, computer workstations, or side tables in a room on which to place lighting and accessories.  All of our bistro tables can carry glass tops, marble or granite, poured concrete tops, or fitted with fastener loops in order to properly affix wooden tops to the tables.  Stone tops do not need to be fastened to our bases by virtue of sheer weight of the material positioned. 







We continuously seek out new and less-commonly seen designs on our buying trips abroad, and our inventory changes constantly with all the unique styles that we locate and import, while not sacrificing the integrity of structural qualities.







We offer percentage discounts for sets of chairs whether dining height, counter or bar height, even if the chairs purchased are mixed in design, and all chairs are sealed in their natural finish to withstand the elements.  Mixing materials in a dining area is a unique way to embellish an outdoor area by the grill, on the patio or in the breakfast room, and we carry such a wide variety of options for bases, table tops and chairs, that the possibilities are virtually limitless.  Here is a traditional style of a wrought iron base topped with a poured concrete top, while flanked by a more contemporary style of dining chairs. 




Our wrought iron chairs are attractive and comfortable, and we normally stock over twenty styles of dining height chairs that also come in height for kitchen islands or height for taller bistro tables.  Chairs come both with and without arms, and all designs can be fitted with thick and resilient felt pads on each foot to protect wood or tile floors from scratches.  Indoor or covered chairs can be matched with cushions that can be bought pre-made or custom fabricated by a local resource; outdoor chairs are perfectly fine without a cushion if it is more convenient not to drag fabric in and out of the weather.



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