We stock numerous fun and useful items to enhance the appearance of your home or patio.  From simple wall-hangings, to colorful pieces around the house to mirrors in a foyer or powder room,  we carry hundreds of fun and interesting additions to your home that will add taste and style to your surroundings.  We have chosen to picture just a few of our accessory possibilities in this website- we encourage you to visit our showroom to see our full line of decorating possibilities. Our unique line of wall decor and baskets ranges from small wrought iron pieces to go over a bed or window treatment, to larger forged items to go over the fireplace or patio wall.  All wall decor is naturally oxidized and sealed and can be hung safely with the proper fasteners, whether into sheet rock or masonry.  All wall decor can be painted, and in addition to the number of iron forged wall decor that we stock, we also carry a line of cast iron pieces that have a stouter, more French or New Orleans appeal.



Wall Suns are a traditional Mexican symbol that add personality to your home, and these range in size and color, according to your space and general color scheme.  We also have functional items that hang on the wall, such as rows of hooks for hats or keys, smaller shelves to hold decorations or books, candle sconces in many sizes and styles, and crosses that are hand-made out of wood or wrought iron. 





Mirrors are a perfect addition to any room, and we carry pressed tin and copper mirrors that have a border of hand-painted tiles or larger mirrors that have a wrought iron frame.  The smallest tile mirror that we normally stock may be six or seven inches tall, while the larger iron mirrors can reach up to five feet square.  Most mirrors can be properly hung either horizontally or vertically and all glass in our mirrors is of a solid quarter inch construction.






We have many different plate racks to choose from that are made to hold either smaller, more decorative plates or larger plates to be used daily, easily within reach.  All of our plate racks, both horizontal and vertical, are made out of forged wrought iron and can be hung safely with the proper fasteners.  Pot racks are another useful item that we stock both in a traditional look or a sleeker, more contemporary design and work well over a kitchen island or against a kitchen wall






We have many inexpensive iron sculptures that can add charm to coffee tables or shelves, and many vary in size and design.  These are crafted by artisans throughout Mexico, sealed in a natural finish and portray fun and cute renderings of dogs, cats, roosters, pigs, etc. 






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